My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

Transformers Update


Well I cleaned up Scorponok which has gone alright but a couple of bits are missing though: The head (as presented above in my battle scene), the overlay for the rifle is missing and a couple of other bits which I’m not bothered about. Turns out I got 2 bumblebees also, the usual yellow one and this gold one wow Haha 😀


Moving on from this madness comes the more serious stuff, repairing Metroplex ! I’m really pissed off because I cannot find his damn hands and I know I had them, probably in some other toy box perhaps and knowing my luck I’ll only find one of them…


Anyway I found this site:

Really good blog and it’s a shame it’s dead now but still very helpful on putting me in the right direction to sorting mine out. Basically with some bolt based bodging I should be able to get Metroplex back in one piece providing I can source the right kind of bolt/bracket thing 😀


The lower bracket was easy to do…


The screw in this hole is super tight though, I thought I was gonna inflict more damage trying to loosen this one off. One mention in the blog is make sure the head of Metroplex is not on the spring lock mode or it will go flying when you take this chest piece off !


Just like in Brawn’s blog the culprit snapped joint shown to the left of this photo. So the next stage is to actually snap that long plastic tube off this front ‘crotch’ part. This is basically how you are then able to have the needed clearance to install the big bulky heavy duty bolt system.

I’m gonna have a look around in the junk parts bin at college tomorrow to see if I can find something suitable for this… Then I will report back with a part 2, and hopefully some hands !


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