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GT: Random Shot


This has to be my favorite road going Skyline. I’ve always been a big fan of the silver R33GTLM road version, but the closest I will ever get to that is the time I unlocked it in Gran Turismo 2. I still love the R33 GTR in standard form (this one has RPF1’s fitted but I’ll let that slip) and it has to be in the stunning midnight purple which I think is a great colour.


A very original R33 GTR for sale, yours for 159 9 ? g ? I don’t know it’s definitely for sale though 🙂


GT: Random Shot


Just a quick Ferrari 512 BBi shot to set the motoring theme for January on The College Blog. Class starts again tomorrow and I hope the weather is a little better, have a good week everyone.

Edit: It wont stop raining !