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Music: Lane 8 – Rise


I haven’t done a music post in a while, though I have so many tracks to share I thought I’d wait until this one came round. A producer who has climbed in popularity over the last year because he works in between the genres, creating a natural sound that appeals to so many with subtle home listening tracks that would still sound incredible live. How about these covers ? Sure making The College Blog look colourful this week 🙂



Ghost was the first insight of Rise, a vocal production which had a strong album atmosphere wrapped up in a short 3 minutes 24 it leaves you wanting it to be longer. From here I knew it was promising…



Hot as you want surprised me, for another pre-release single why make it another vocal one ? Despite this it’s another extremely good track which I’ve listened to about 100 times now. The vocals of Solomon Grey have been a boost to everything for sure, Diamonds was a cool track but to see the live video version on the album was just a must have !


Not sure where to go from here, it’s hard to follow up from the video but my favorite track on this album has to be “Sunlight” so I’ll end the post with this unofficial YouTube upload video edit thingy which actually works well with the song. This one is just perfect in my opinion, a simplistic masterpiece of sound which I will listen to for years to come. Enjoy.


“Rise” releases today and is available here:



Music: George Fitzgerald – Fading Love


I’ve been a big fan of this guy since hearing his earlier releases a few years back, typically remixes for example like “No To Love – Jessie Ware” and his amazing EP releases like ‘Bad Aura’ and ‘Magnetic’ were amazing.


I’ve been waiting three months or so for this album release so quite looking forward to it. My first thoughts are the style of the tracks are exactly what I expected after hearing ‘Full Circle’ a while back. In a way it’s good and bad because the whole album can feel a bit too similar going from song to song but because I like the production style I’m not put off.


‘Full Circle’ is one of my favorites from the album but I’ve heard it too many times now so my top pick tracks now are

Track 03# ‘Knife To The Heart’

Track 04# ‘Call It Love (If You Want To) feat. Lawrence Hart’

Track 08# ‘Crystallise feat. Lawrence Hart’

Track 10# ‘The Waiting feat. Lawrence Hart’


Maybe this is another thing to point out on the release, the vocals. I like the vocals of Lawrence Hart but I think there should of been a couple more diverse tracks and definitely some female vocals to balance things out. Full Circle perhaps didn’t amaze me as much as I thought it would, but it’s still a good release that I will continue to enjoy.