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Film: Z for Zachariah


A film I really had to share this week is Z for Zachariah, a recent release based around survival and sacrifice it’s one of the best films I’ve seen in a while.

The film itself is really beautiful to watch literally in terms of just photography, the shooting location is stunning and really makes the best of natural landscapes to set the films mood throughout.

The cast is small just three main actors, and it really works the intensity is really genuine. I was hooked through the whole film you just don’t know what is going to happen next, and your actually left wondering what did happen ?

A true cliffhanger ending making you want a second installment that will never happen. This is a focused drama with a hint of Sci-Fi and thrilling developments which anyone will fall for. It’s really a gem in the midst of films coming out at the moment which cannot be missed.


Film: Camp X-Ray


It’s been two months since I finally decided to actually watch this film.

For some reason I wasn’t looking forward to it much, perhaps because this one looks like the sort of film that would of been out years ago and maybe the war films are just overdone now I don’t know.

Truth is I should have watched this ages ago, it’s really impressive !

The film brings out the best of Kristen Stewart who fits into her role as the new girl at Camp Delta with a lot to learn, and yes perhaps the story line is really predictable at first…

As you go on though the tension really rises and it leaves you questioning what you would do in each situation that pops up, and you know a film is good when your thinking this way…

The struggle through the film feels genuine and it’s shot well too, the sense of confinement is real and you really don’t know how things are going to end up. This film was a pleasant surprise but not for everyone so it’s a 8/10 for me.

Film: Lost River


I have not posted a movie mention in a while, I just have not watched anything that’s blown me away recently besides Interstellar which I’ve watched about 20 times now ! But back on subject a film that impressed me last night was Ryan Gosling and his dive into the directing world with his film known as ‘Lost River’.

The first thing about Lost River is how nicely the film develops the storyline itself without too much dialogue or gossip scenes, instead the movie is very visual and let’s the viewer really capture the essence of the storyline and develop your own perception of the characters.


Another thing is the concentration of the cast, it’s small and concentrated so it feels nice and personal and helps emphasize the sense of desperation they play out in the film. Saoirse Ronan pictured above really suits her role so well and is my favorite character in the film.


One of the most important aspects to the film though is how it’s shot, and this is done so well. The consuming darkness of the night scenes bring great intensity while the daytime shots are very playful and have a nice sense of bliss in the green backdrops like there is a sense of hope. This film got slammed at the Cannes Festival, I really don’t know how you are supposed to please those events, and I think Ryan Gosling has created an amazing film here. If you have seen films like Drive, Blue Valentine, Only God Forgives, The Place Beyond The Pines and so on you might feel a similarity in production style. Overall a very cool film and I look forward to Gosling and future releases. I didn’t want to put the trailer on here as I feel it spoils the film a bit so if you are thinking of watching this try not to tempt the trailer 🙂


Film: The Drop

The drop is one of my more surprising favorites of this year with all it’s innocence and evil that clashes throughout a movie long build up suspense.

Having just watched this film the other day I can say it’s really worth checking out even if the whole gangster gritty portrayal puts you off .

I think it could easily be overlooked as just another movie with gun fights and drug deals, but it’s the dog of all characters that steals the show and gives the story line much more emotional attachment than you would expect.

I would give this film 8/10 it’s definitely worth seeing once.

Film: Guardians of the Galaxy


I really loved this film, it’s visually stunning all the way through and doesn’t have a single dull moment. I’ll probably watch it a second time by the end of this week just for the funny bits that characters Drax and Rocket come up with !

I’m not a follower of the comics so I don’t have any views on how the characters are represented in this film but they all hold their own and there presence in the film is justified. I thought it might feel a bit too loosely concentrated on some of the characters more than others but together they really are the Guardians of the Galaxy !

My rating is high for this one 9/10, It’s a film you can keep and watch every year or so because it works on so many levels, go see it now !

Film: Lucy


Been waiting for this film, had high hopes for it as well. After I saw it though I felt like it had been done before. It’s kind of like the film ‘limitless’ but with a stronger instinct of evolution and survival as opposed to stock markets.

The films concept is fine but the way it finishes felt somewhat unaccomplished and empty because it’s quite an exciting film at first, but gets rather flat at the end. There are CGI elements such as the massive futuristic insight that goes billions of years into the future which is what I liked. I think if they expanded more into the future stuff as opposed to keeping it all in the present the film could of represented a much deeper and exciting story line to the end.

Lucy is a good film but it should have gone further with it’s budget, 6/10.

Film: The Homesman


It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything movie related, not that I haven’t been watching anything (well 21 new films since the winter soldier to be exact) such as Godzilla, Transformers 4, Edge of Tomorrow, A million Ways To Die In The West, X-Men Days of Future Past…. and so on.

The thing is nothing has really amazed me recently until I checked out The Homesman. It’s a bleak western style film backed up by a lot of hype from the Cannes festival. Tommy Lee Jones and Hilary Swank lead the films main roles with great interaction through what is a very twisting story line interlaced  with the harsh environment of the outer territories. The film is questionable at the very start and I was not too interested at first, but you soon get sucked in by the shocking scenes which I would rather not go into detail.

The film is a real emotional struggle which will guarantee to make you thankful for living in today’s world and not in the past. To rate this film I would give it an 8/10. It’s a watch once movie but a very good one for sure.

Film: Captain America, The Winter Soldier


I’ll be honest to say I’ve watched this film 5 times in the last few weeks, it’s really good in my opinion. I was never into Marvel or anything in the past but since watching this I’ve gone back and watched all the Iron Man films, Avengers and even The Incredible Hulk….

For me this one stands out to be my favorite because the storyline feels more emotive and personal than other titles. I love how this film links up so well to the previous Captain America film even if you have not seen the first one. You can easily pick up what is going on though I would say watch the first one if you can. The films is really well balanced in storyline and action which is what I like to see.

Black Widow is just too cool to be true, she talks her way into or out of pretty much anything with added sarcasm and her acrobatical fight scenes are superb. This film is a must see if you have not done so already. If you are not into the comics or have been put off by seeing other Marvel films in the past like me then check out The Winter Soldier, it’s not to be missed !


Film: The Lego Movie


I would have totally let this one pass on by if a friend of mine had not told me it’s “awesome” so I decided to watch it. As soon as I watched 10 minutes or so I realised the film has a great comedy value for all ages, and then seeing the LEGO just triggers memories of all the stuff I used to own and build.

It’s a well made film that captures the original creativity of LEGO as a product, and the somewhat limitless potential it has construction wise. LEGO the movie kind of reminds me a lot of Toy Story, one of those kids movies that even adults love (even if they won’t admit it) so be sure to add this one to whatever film collection you have.


Film: Noah


This film is good but just too long !  I think it could of been compacted down by a good 20 minutes or so and been just as interesting. The visual effects are great in this film  as well as the sound. The cast is pretty decent along with the storyline. I would say it’s definitely worth watching if you can spare the time !


Film: Sabotage


This film was acceptable, but by no means special. The storyline is not very strong but some of the action scenes are good which makes the film worth watching to the end. There is way too much swearing in this film, when Arnold swears that to me is perfectly fine but as for anyone else forget it ! It’s quite funny at times especially when Arnold is very serious leading his DEA task force or whatever. He rarely opens a door without either shooting it or blowing it up….:D


Film: Under The Skin


This film was great. It gives little away and leaves you needing to know more. It’s visually impressive with fantastic backdrops and an artistic approach to present the characters through the film. I watched it pretty late and though I felt tired I could not settle for watching half of the film, I had to see it to the end. I knew about the films release but never looked into it because I knew it could potentially ruin the viewing experience.

If you are going to to see this film don’t read about or go on image searches just watch it ! One of the best films I have seen this year for the fact it’s so mysterious and very addictive. The film could of been shorter and you do feel this about half way into the film, but it just gets more intense when it steps passed this phase. It’s a pretty dark film so don’t watch it during the day ! The above is 1920 if you feel the need to have a new desktop wallpaper !


Film: Interstellar New Trailer

Film: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty


I had been looking forward to seeing this one but it really got boring for me half way through…

Just when I was doubting the film the exploration side of the main character Walter kicks in, and suddenly it picked up into a visual masterpiece. The fact I enjoy skateboarding may have helped, but still if I could pick a few of my favorite films from 2014 then this will be in there. The story line becomes much better all the way to the end and the locations for filming are quite amazing. In my opinion this is a must watch film. 8/10

Film: Snowpiercer


This film did not live up to my expectations. The films idea and plot coupled with the concept art looked promising to me at first, but the result was the film seems to reach a bottleneck in the storyline towards the end with no surprise to offer. If you love end of the world stuff coupled with being on trains then it might work for you. It starts off well but just left me sleepy at the end. 5/10.

Film: 47 Ronin


So I’ve sort of heard of this story from the 1998 crime/action film ‘Ronin’ which is one of my top favorite films of all time. Being a fan of anything Japanese too it was a much watch for me.

I was surprised to find out it’s in English and the story line is not as complex as expected. It’s a great film from start to finish that is easy to follow and something the whole family can watch as i was expecting a lot of blood and guts but it’s actually a PG13.

The CGI is nice along with great surround sound, and the story is well balanced with less fighting scenes that I was expecting which is nice. It’s a must watch film in my opinion 8/10

Film: The Hobbit, The Desolation of Smaug


Okay so I watched this the other night (well half of it) then I watched the other half the following night…

It’s over 2 and a half hours long so typical hobbit/lord of the rings super long story in depth wizard stuff.

I’m not a massive fan of the series but it was a good film start to finish with great visuals and sound to go with it.

The story line picks up from the last film and once again leaves you hanging as usual so be sure to watch the other one first.

I think this was better than the ‘An Unexpected Journey’ as Bilbo Baggins is less annoying and the Dwarfs are not drinking as much, in the first film they hang out in the hobbit house for what seems like an hour or so…

I was sad to find out those little houses are not actually real, but barely exterior structures out in NZ, all the filming was done in studio.

7/10 for this one.   47 ronin review coming up next 😀

Film: Interstellar Trailer

When I saw the trailer for this film I was really impressed and watched it eight times over. The story sounds good especially for someone like me because I’m always thinking about space and what will become of planet earth etc..

The trailer gives little away but the music by Hans and how it builds up through the decades with various pieces of old footage is stunning. Really great introduction to what I expect to be possibly my future all time favorite…