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Coastal Refurb…


Hasn’t been a photo on here for a while so I thought I would share this one which made the Flickr “explore” so I’m quite happy for that.

So this small section of coastline has had a little bit of a refurbish and well I’m very shocked to be honest. Basically they have put down a lovely smooth tarmac, and it might be hard to see but they have run long concrete ledge curbs all the way along the back wall.

To sum this up briefly this is without a doubt going to become a “hot spot” for skateboarding and rollerblading more so, these ledges and perfect 🙂 On the flip side though is the initial interaction and reaction from the general public, it only takes a few idiots to cause a stir and the next thing you know it’s front page news !

Hopefully this could become a good, respectful place for skating ideally in the evenings, as you can see nobody is around…