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Photo: Morning Sky


I had to pull over and snap this very vibrant morning sky taken with my trusty Huawei EVA-L09. This is from Sandgate looking across the Channel sea.

Full resolution available on my Flickr page.

Thank you, Kenny.


Photo: Camera Update


Here is a quick update on what I’ve done with the camera after what a month or so now ?

I’m happy to report the camera is working extremely well and I’ve picked up some budget add-ons for the camera to help finish it off a bit cosmetically.

28-80mm Ultrasonic MK”II – This lens is really nice I’m just borrowing this right now. I plan to buy one of these, perhaps the later MK”V version although that uses a plastic body unlike the metal MKII so I have not decided 100% yet…

Hot Shoe Cover – This doubles up as a spot level which is handy especially for long exposures. It was required since I got no shoe cover with the camera originally, so now the flash mount is protected.

Camouflage Strap – It’s sort of a camo design but never mind it was cheap. The camera came with no strap so I really needed this. I must admit a week or so before the camera did actually slip out of my hands and I managed to just catch it somehow, it was a solid concrete floor so it could of been a disaster ! Rest assured that won’t ever happen again with this amazing strap. For the price I’m actually impressed, it feels comfortable and seems durable (I think…)


35-105mm Tele Zoom – This was in last minute purchase to be honest. I got it cheap at auction although it’s not in perfect condition, with a scratch on the outside lens (does not affect photos). What I’m not happy about though is the slider for the AF-M does not seem to move at all. I’ve emailed the seller because I don’t want to force it. As it stands the lens is stuck on Auto-focus and works perfectly in this mode, but it was stated to be in good condition and did not mention this function being potentially broken: Canon 35- 105 listing description …

I’ve messaged the seller and will go from there. Not sure if I will keep the 35-105 it’s got a bit of weight to it, I need to take it out properly and see how I get on…


I’ll leave this post in standard WordPress fashion with this funny cat who said hello to me while out on a bicycle ride a couple of weeks back 😀