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Replacing Toyota 2ZZ-GE VVTL-I camshaft lift bolts at 105k miles…


Firstly I’d like to thank the following two guide links, which give you all the information you need for this task:

Lift Bolt Replacement BY Tronix, Uansari and Lamar Vannoy


Targa90’s 7th Generation Celica Lift Bolt Replacement Tutorial

Despite the simplicity of this task I was dreading it a little, it was a must do job but I had no idea if these bolts had been replaced on my car or not.

Judging from my engine and how it looked I assumed not, everything is rather dusty in my engine bay but very undisturbed. Going by all the previous MOT and service history it’s been a very reliable motor and well looked after so I wasn’t expecting problems…

Two things I would advise you get for this task is a 5-25NM torque wrench and a cover sealant, since there are two points on the cover that need cleaning off and new sealant applied to on refitting the cam cover (see Targa90’s link for this).


The cover needed some gentle persuasion to come off as you can imagine, you will notice it almost refuses to come off over in the right rear corner reason being that there is a vertical oil flow tube and it seals pretty tight. It will seem awkward when refitting the cover as well but just keep an eye on the tube and make sure to seat the cover back on as evenly as possible, the bolts will pull the cover back down snug.

When you get the cover off it might be ideal to wrap up the top of the exposed engine, especially if it’s windy and your engine is flailing bits of dust and dirt. Ideally you should give the coil pack recess and all the top section a hoover off first as the metal can be very fatigued by the elements.


So as you can see I was lucky this time ! These bolts I’ve removed are revised ones but not the final versions, I believe with my car being built in the latter of 2002 it come with these from the factory. As you can see the wear is obvious, very more so on the intake bolt shown closest.

All in this job cost me £30.00 to do, the torque wrench, the two bolts and the sealant. I’m very pleased the bolts were not snapped or that they did snap during removal, as that makes things a lot more stressful !

Have a good day everyone.

Photo: Sandgate Beach HDR Violet


Happy New Year !

Here is a personal fave that I took a week or so ago. This is a four image merge into HDR which has ended up looking some ND filter due to the soft wave overlaps. I’ve submitted it into the Flickr ‘your best shot 2015’ pool and it’s proven to be very popular, so I hope you all like it also.

Back to college next week and I’ve just been sorting out my LV08 chassis assignment this evening. Hopefully I can get that marked off then it will be more workshop related tasks in the new year which I can share on the blog.

2015 for the college blog has been pretty steady, nearly 200 genuine followers and regular commenters must mean I’m doing something right. It’s clear the site has moved over into more of a photo hobbyist gallery, but since college will finish around June 2016 I will probably carry this on as a photography blog primarily.

I would like to note a few of my favorite blogs this year:

Jazz You Too  This has been a great source for alternative listening and generally chilled out tracks.

Ray Laskowitz The Storyteller, a great variety of photos from Ray, many thanks.

Drakes Doodles This site is really interesting, simple doodles of art it’s really worth following !

Playing With My First DSLR Camera Well known blog for macro and close up photography, great for ideas yet I just need to get a better close up lens now !

Colline’s Blog I’ve really enjoyed this blog about the perspectives of teaching, with it’s challenges and rewards it’s been great to follow this year.

Tim Scribbles A car show blog from the US that I enjoy very much.

THE MAD MOVIE RANTER Useful site for knowing what films to check out and the ones to avoid. It’s really that simple !

Forgotten NZ Abandoned places in New Zealand and around the world, I’ve been following this site since I started my own blog and it’s really cool.

Marc Aerophoto Marc will always be joking to me about something on my blog, but you just cannot beat taking photos from the sky ! Marc has been helpful with what to get for my camera so a special thanks to him !

There are many more blogs I can think to include but I need to carry on with my assignment, and why are people doing fireworks already it’s only 21:00PM !