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Coastal Refurb…


Hasn’t been a photo on here for a while so I thought I would share this one which made the Flickr “explore” so I’m quite happy for that.

So this small section of coastline has had a little bit of a refurbish and well I’m very shocked to be honest. Basically they have put down a lovely smooth tarmac, and it might be hard to see but they have run long concrete ledge curbs all the way along the back wall.

To sum this up briefly this is without a doubt going to become a “hot spot” for skateboarding and rollerblading more so, these ledges and perfect 🙂 On the flip side though is the initial interaction and reaction from the general public, it only takes a few idiots to cause a stir and the next thing you know it’s front page news !

Hopefully this could become a good, respectful place for skating ideally in the evenings, as you can see nobody is around…


Can you make a mild steel exhaust last longer ?


Something else I needed to fit was a new mid silencer on the Zafira, since the rubbish the garage fitted split along its plated seam after less than a year.

Luckily the new section I have is “rolled” instead of “pressed” meaning it only has one  long edge seam instead of two physical sections tacked together. So my plan for this is just to give the product more protection from the elements, it’s mild steel and it will fail eventually but it might help a little…


Versachem is a good product, and it is a strong sealer so I have applied it to all the seam edges on the box, notice how it’s embedded into the small gaps nicely…


Here is another example on the recesses, this only took about five minutes skimming the versachem wearing latex gloves (seriously use gloves as versachem is rather potent stuff).


Spraying is also a rather quick task, since this is matte VHT it tends not to run so bad and even one coat looks rather tidy. Also it can be good to tape the edges to give a cleaner finish (not that anyone will see this work of art lol).


After fifteen minutes I applied another quick coat.


I applied the paint mostly to the ends and on the long seam edge, after five minutes of drying you see it goes to this flat matt colour and does not look too bad at all. To finish I sprayed the hanger sections also just to help protect the welds.

That concludes my little DIY post here on a little rust/corrosion protection for budget exhaust components, have a good day 🙂