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Photo: Coast Burn


I finally got the old 18-55 for my camera, not even the image stabilizer one but the older zoom model lol, and well it is kind faulty also (won’t work over F7)…

But for six pounds wow I love the field of view the 18mm gives you, and the seller said the auto focus did not work (turns out it does work fine). I cycled out in a conflict of rain clouds coupled with a strong sunset to find anything interesting, the tide was out and the rain lifted to give an interesting sky. I really still need to get the 18-135 but for now this is good 🙂


Photo: Storm-lift

Stormlift Across Channel

Out this week with the 35-105 lens, looking across the channel and the clouds were looking pretty amazing. I’m not exactly sure what was going on perhaps a mixture of warm and cold air causing some diversity, and there was a distant storm over France. A good photographic start to 2016 🙂