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East Kent College: Christmas Break Post


I’m Off college for two weeks now so what’s been going on ?

My first portfolio segment is mostly done, and I had my first of the Level 3 exams last week which was the electrical exam. You need to get 60% to pass and I only got 63% EEEK! I was a little annoyed although 67% was the highest score of the class, so I cannot complain too much. I’m glad it’s done with seeing it was meant to be the hardest of all the exams this year, mainly because the scope of questions are extremely vast from satellite navigation triangulation, to hybrid Regen systems, air con and many more…

The course manager also said if I had time to attempt the LV506K exam as well which was all about vehicle servicing. This would of been my last exam of the year and like the AE06 is another 30 questions, I had plenty of time so I went for it and scored 83% which was pretty good (since I had not revised to do this exam at all). So I’ve now got two exams out of the way wowza 😀


Practical wise it has been very quiet, the level 3 workshop is currently having 2 scissor type car lifts being installed, well by installed I mean we was in there last week putting them in place and they’re really heavy. This is not the workshop but these are the exact kind of lifts we have, and they roll them about on the two wheels at the other end. The problem is the caster wheels are too small, literally the slightest speck of dust on the floor and the damn wheels grind to a halt, just like skateboarding when you hit a small stone and go kinda flying ! Anyway the lifts are finally in place now and just need hydro lines and power, I’ll do a post giving my opinion on them once they are in action.


Despite the workshop being out of action I have done one thing recently and it’s a real fiddly job too. This was a member of staffs car at college, a Peugeot 206 1.4 air con model. The symptom was the car kept overheating (fan not working) so I went through the internet looking at common problems ECT, resistor, relays, wiring… and as you can see from the photo above a wiring issue was clear. I’ve never seen a cable so bad it’s completely oxidized to the point where the cable was twice as thick as it should, and crumbling like chalk.

This wiring section going to that green box is basically the high speed relay for the radiator cooling fan, there is also a low speed fan just above this which functions fine but with the high speed not functioning the car will keep going into the red usually it’s worst in traffic. It’s a bad design on Peugeot’s where they thought it would be fine to conceal the relay electrics with the radiator, instead of being situated in an engine bay compartment like most cars have. The result is obvious, exposure to temperature fluctuations and weather exposure destroys the cabling and the relays over time. Luckily the relays both worked and just required a good cleaning on the contacts.


You also have the fan resistor situated down in a place that is really hard to get too, this might also need changing soon because it is quite corroded in places.


I borrowed a little cable from college to make this up and replace the excess of bad cabling on the harness.


This is the high speed relay cleaned up and to be refitted with space connectors, I’ve taped it up as good as possible to protect the contacts which should last better than the hollow plastic connector. This is now fitted to the car and the fan is kicking in at full RPM so it’s a fix for now and we’ll see how it goes..

I would like to thank these sites for the useful information:

Odd Discovery – Communicating with my car (206)

Peter Cooper Car Repairs

206 Bumper Removal Guide

Peugeot Forums suggested problems

So that’s it for the Christmas break post not an awful lot to share, but more photography posts and what not to come (probably).



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