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East Kent College: Autumn Break Post


Apologies for not posting in a while, I’ve been sidetracked on the Flickr hype and it’s taken my time away from posting on here. So the first two months are over and it’s fair to say I’ve got next to nothing. The reason for this is due to staff leaving and being off ill and with the Level 3 group only compromising of a dozen students our lessons got effectively cancelled while things get sorted out. I agreed to a £5421.00 loan so it’s pretty annoying to have classes cancelled and not being able to get on with tasks in the workshop as I’m usually well on with my portfolio by now…



Despite the poor first month back I decided to wait it out and thankfully things are improving as of this week, there was a stupid hole in the workshop (formally the motorcycle brake tester) which has been filled in and we now have some decent screens up on the wall to hook up to laptops and diagnostic equipment which were much needed. The first job that has come up was for our technicians car which has a rear heated window fault which can hopefully be used in my portfolio. I have so far checked the grid, F4 fuse and no.10 relay to find no issues, but with the switches back light not even illuminating I’m pretty sure that is where the fault lies. The damn security forks for releasing OEM sound systems have gone missing so I will carry on with this task next week…


With not much actual work going on the college staged a Tug of war sort of challenge, this involved having to tow a car a whole lap around the campus. It was a successful event and the weather was really good. Somehow out of the 7 or so groups who entered my team set the best time of the day so well done to them, and yes one team managed to crash into a bush, another team took out some cones, and another lot went up the curb nearly crashing into a wall which was pretty hilarious.

22777973336_5e48aafd2f_o 22777920766_e30e510d13_o 22803918965_7d154d8caa_o

Lastly we finally had our first Automotive trip at EKC Dover. I didn’t think it would eventually happen but we headed over to Brooklands and Mercedes Benz World this week to check out some amazing history in automotive and aviation. Both places are free to visit so they are well worth checking out. The staff at Brooklands are extremely passionate and knowledgeable, one guy Peter gave us an in depth tour around the ERA workshop which I was very thankful for.



Mercedes Benz World didn’t kick off as well as I snapped some photos of two cars parked out front (SLR 722 and an SLS AMG GT Black Series) and then outta nowhere this security guy came over telling me off. It turned out Mercedes Benz has some sort of policy where you are not allowed to take photos of customer cars on their property so I respected that and deleted the photos. Moving on though it was really nice inside and more cars to check out…



For all my photos go to: Kenny Freeland Flickr Page

Not sure when the next college post will be, perhaps closer to Christmas when I’m supposed to have my electrical unit finished along with a few essays and online exams so I’ll post on how they went !


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  1. Is that Mika Häkkinen`s formula? Go Finland 😀 😀 He was quite good formula 1 driver 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    November 6, 2015 at 1:46 pm

    • Yes it’s his old car hence the name on the rear wing. He was my favorite driver from that era. This is from the year 2000 and got 17 wins I think.

      Liked by 1 person

      November 6, 2015 at 1:52 pm

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