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East Kent College: Summer Break Post


Although college is somewhat closed right now I’ve been in the past 2 weeks helping staff strip down the motorcycle workshop and get it ready for automotive next year.


So last Wednesday 2 cars have gone to scrap heaven/hell with a new vehicle being delivered for next year, and well yeah it’s this Xsara Picasso MPV. It has a few dents here and there but I spent a good couple of hours cleaning out the interior and engine bay to make it more presentable. It’s really spacious inside with fold down tables behind the seats, maybe students can sit in this car to write up their work 😀


So I took these images a few months ago when I found out the Motorcycle course was to be discontinued. In replacement of this is going to be an expansion of the motor vehicle department and this room is most likely where the auto-rigs and specialist diagnostic equipment will go to create some kind of level 3 technology room. So here are some photos…


A shot along the main work bench with valve compressors, vices and general tools.


There are not many bikes here since Lecturer Dennis left, he had some amazing bikes and plenty of kit so these photos don’t do justice for how the workshop was last year. A lot of the machines in the background are to be sold off to create some space for 3 or 4 cars to go in here.


The floor in here is super clean compared to the car workshop so it will make for a nice tech room.


I spent one afternoon making an inventory list for the workshop though it won’t serve much of a purpose for long. The computers were filthy and my OCD cleaning kicked in so I ended up dusting the workstations down and sorting out all the cabling which was a mess. I’ll have to post up the computer arrangement now it’s so much better.

About Punto Engine

The next thing I’ll do is replace all the old motorcycle posters with automotive related prints. One of my first examples is this Fiat FIRE engine description, I think posters like this will be good for the students as it will be linked directly to actual cars parked in the new workshop.


Alright I’ve been playing some games again 😀 With the student centre and the consoles being setup I’ve finally got the idea of doing a sort of Top Gear lap challenge on the driving game Forza. I created a replica lap time board where you stick up the details just like on the TV show, with a simple outline of how to setup and play the game. I set a slow baseline time so students can go ahead and beat that, but supposedly some members of staff have posted some times up so I’ll have to go check out what’s been going on lol ! Hmm what the hell happened to those balloons ?

Technician is off on holiday now so I’m also off now. I might be attending a few meetings in August otherwise I can finally finish off rebuilding my bike. Cya !


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