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The iPhone 5S FROM HELL: A must read for people who repair phones (now and then)


Despite not owning a mobile phone device of any sort for a couple of years now I’ve always been good at repairing them or so I thought. It goes way back in time when I owned the Sony P800, once one of the most advanced phones ever created and I did a housing swap on that. Since then phones have been easy for me to fix, from the Blackberry Storm to the Nokia N97 I thought I had tackled the hardest of them all until behold the 5S !


So this is my brothers phone, and was in excellent condition until last week when it fell out of his pocket while closing his car door… BANG !

Screen completely obliterated and the chassis twisted along with a warped lithium battery but yet the phone was still working away, and I knew it could be saved…


Roll on a week and it was the moment of truth, I just had to hook up the screen and put in 4 more screws before testing the phone out. I hold the power button and yes the apple logo comes up and I thought all was well..

30 seconds pass and still an apple logo…

Then the screen goes blue for a second and the phone restarts,

Once again the apple logo then the blue screen after 30 seconds…

I was totally baffled as to what had happened then I found this website !


Basically I had used a 1.3mm screw instead of a 1.2mm screw in this one thread hole and it’s killed the logic board ! I feel like a real a idiot for doing it but at the same time I had no idea about it. I found one place online luckily only 40 odd miles from where I live who can fix this problem.

I’ve dropped them an email to see whether it’s best for me to go over in person or post off the phone. It’s going to cost £60 for this 0.1mm of a blunder, so you can understand I really am not a fan of this device. I think Apple did it on purpose, they could of easily routed the PCB tracks around the screw hole, it’s just insane really ! I’ve spent £55 on the phone so far in parts but this will now go up to £115 for a total repair cost. This is a bit of a random rant post but I thought it would be good to spread the word about this very easy but fatal error and I would not wish it upon anyone.

Apple you make me sick lol 😀


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