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Online Test 162: Knowledge of light vehicle transmission and drive-line units and components


Dubbed to be hardest of all the exams we only had a few lessons on this area so I thought If I was going to fail anything it would be on this ! I did some revision the night before by completing all the manual, clutch and automatic tests on LJ Cloud with mixed results but it was helpful. In the end I think it only gained me on 2 questions in the actual exam. My result this time was 74 or 76% I think which is only a Merit ! What surprised me more was the lack of automatic transmission questions there was nothing on torque converters or anything. It was mainly sliding mesh box components, gear ratio calculations and gear rotation.


My word of advice is learn anything you can about transmission internals and clutches in your spare time over the year, because if your class ends up with a couple of weeks to cover this topic there is no way you will be able to learn everything that comes up in the test. Things to do in the workshop are definitely take a manual gearbox apart, this is the best way for learning all the components. Here are some useful revision style questions we were set before the exam by our lecturer:

Name 2 types of clutch

= Diaphragm and Coil & Spring.

Name 2 methods of clutch operation ?

= Cable and Hydro.

Aligning UJ’s on a prop shaft is known as what ?

= Phasing.

What type of teeth are fitted to a reverse gear ?

= Straight Cut / Spur (dog box).

What is the gear ratio of a reverse gear on a manual G/box ?

= 16:1.

What is the oil pressure on an auto box ?

= Typically 50PSI+ on a standard car.

What is the name of the oil used on an auto box ?

= ATF (automatic transmission fluid)


So that is officially my last exam out the way and level 2 automotive repair is done ! This might be the end of City & Guilds for me as well with the possibility of moving to the IMI course next year. Job cards and exams will be a bit different for a start and I think there are other things like essays etc, so I’ll post about these changes and what I think when I go into Level 3 in September/October.


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