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Online Test 151: Knowledge of routine light vehicle maintenance


This one was funny because I didn’t even know we had an online exam on servicing until it was announced a week before we sat it ! Despite this it was quite a generic exam which for anyone who has passed all their previous exams through level 2 should not worry about at all. Only 25 questions in this test instead of the usual 30 which I thought was odd, but this was fine by me seeing we had the 162 exam the following week. Some questions on this test were images of tools and you had to state their uses, also parameters like tyre wear and the “bounce test”. One other thing which I got a few questions on was related to working in a garage environment and communication with customers for example:

“You carry out a service on a vehicle and it appears to have a leaking shock absorber, what do you do ?”

Fit a new one straight away

Notify the customer

Do not tell anyone

Replace the coil spring

So these are more common sense questions and testing your ability on making the right decisions in the workplace. My advice for this test is look at general tests such as the “blink rate test” and MOT procedures. I got 84% on this one so not my best but I’ll take another distinction certificate.


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