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East Kent College: EKC Fest 2015 Update


College is getting quieter now, courses are finishing and people are disappearing and there is only a few weeks left for this year. So the EKC Festival is set for next week which I’m hoping will go well, I just spent the other evening making all this bunting at home for the Student Centre but I need to make more now, Hmm I hope all this stays up I only used some real budget tape oh my 😀


My room has sort of become a bunting factory of some sort but I cannot complain when I can used the printers at college. Doing this on my photo printer would have seen me through a thousand cartridges probably ! I do need to get more string now though that’s running low



Here is the initial idea for the event layout. This will probably develop a bit once the dimensions of the activities like the rodeo bull simulator is known !

map V1

Here we have some of the Posters I designed for the event which are pretty much everywhere you go on campus now !


This is the invite that’s  in the process of going out to students which I think is alright 😀 This was not totally necessary seeing it’s on a college day anyway, It should however help make people aware of the event being very much free (apart from the waffle van) and they should be around to take advantage of this.



So everything is pretty much set now. Just more bunting to make now !


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