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East Kent College: Half Term Break Post

There really hasn’t been nothing to report from the workshop in the last month or so because I’ve had nothing to do.

Now it’s close to the end of the course we are now in the classrooms going over transmissions and clutches for the next online test, with some lessons for going over topics for resitting exams which I don’t need to do.

One thing to mention is this grass trimmer though which come in not running well. I took all the carb apart and cleaned it to no success sadly.

I picked up an IMI welcome pack from the college, it’s not bad really and gives some pointers in what to do when looking for work in the industry and planning your career path etc.

The magazine is pretty nice and has some good articles especially on diesel vs. hybrids which concludes the hybrid is better for the congested city, and the diesel is better for the long distance open road (kinda obvious I guess).

Here we go I can’t bear to look at these things anymore, I’m just glad I’ve had the same maths teacher since Christmas. He’s really good and I’ve tried to pack as much mathematical madness into my brain, but I’m still pretty crap and taking extra workshop lessons to try and make me remember things.

So it’s exam week next week, and I really wish the college made me do GCSE’s last year instead of the Functional Skills LV2 stuff which was pointlessly easy for me. I will be watching Romeo & Juliet oh I mean err reading Romeo and Juliet again and doing more edexel past papers for maths. The 17th will be the last exam I need to do.


Lastly the end of year social event is really starting to come together with all the above booked so far, the student union has worked well as a group to get this organized so I’m hoping it will be a great event. The next phase is just planning the layout and some decorative touches like bunting which I kinda plan to make myself (oh dear) so I’m designing a template for that on Ps right now.


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