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East Kent College: EKC Fest 2015 Survey

The surveys are out !

With the end of college year festival less than two months away it was time to start finding out what people would like at the event. I setup two themed voting boxes for the Canteen and Student Center along with a survey for students to submit. We kept the survey quick and easy with Yes/No tick boxes for our event ideas, and students could state at the bottom if there was something else we should consider for the event.

We took the votes in yesterday and the Rodeo Bull Simulator came out on top with 22 votes, closely followed by the Ice Cream Van, BBQ and DJ entertainment. I have the DJ booked but we are also hoping to book a live band as well. I need to hire a platform stage of some sorts for the band which I will hopefully sort out next week along with booking the ice cream van. Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey !


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  1. No idea sorry !


    May 6, 2015 at 11:49 pm

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