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Sport: 2015 SUPER GT – Round 1 Okayama

Round 1 NSX

For those following the blog with an interest in Motorsport I thought I would put a mention to this race series in this weeks post.

The Super GT series is based in Japan and hosts an array of different road converted vehicles and prototypes, such as the NSX concept. It houses 2 classes in GT500 and GT300 and the entry lists are big, which means you get a lot of traffic and exciting race action.



With it being so easy to watch on YouTube I have shared the link above, and yes it’s the full race. It’s a bit longer than F1 with over 80 laps, with fuel strategies as well. Round 1 was at Okayama with persistant rain which proved a thrilling race, and I was hoping an NSX would take top spot but dramas towards the end meant settling with a Raybrig in 2nd and the Arta missing out on 3rd position…oh and a few cars lost their wheels 😀

In GT300 the Toyota Prius (yes that’s right folks) ran away with a solid result over my favorite car being the Arta CR-Z but never mind 🙂

Overall an exciting race to start the season and worth the watch if you like your racing. Yes it’s in Japanese but still quite easy to follow the English stats screens lol.


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  1. In another life I would be a racing driver…

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    April 27, 2015 at 10:22 pm

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