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East Kent College Work Experience: Easter Break Pt.1


I’ve been refreshing a lot of the college display boards in the workshop. Before many of them had the old K-College name on them and were not very interesting to read. My approach was to do completely new informative posters bearing the East Kent College branding along with keeping it very relevant to the workshop itself.


I hooked up the airline and drilled up some back boards, the first one I did was for the supporting equipment corner. Over here we have trolley jacks and vehicle stands and an engine hoist (rarely used if ever). I made it very understandable by using photographs of the actual kit we use such as Draper and Sealey, as well as a simple guide on how to locate jacking point information on the Auto-data software via the workshop computer software. This should be useful for new students next year to have simple guides here and there, so they can really help students to use more of their own initiative over constantly asking people the same questions.



I’m going to stick with this style of format so everything in the workshop has a more set theme, as opposed to random looking posters which I think look a bit messy and generic.


This is the ‘MOT’ wall near the 4 post lift that I setup. I laminated these sheets as well to help make them last. Here we have sheets such as the Pass and Fail documents, a typical VT40 inspection form and some lovely MOT tools to finish off 😀


The number plate references had not been updated since 2006 or something (notice old signs on the left) and they also look super boring. Being my second year at the college I had never even looked at them 2 posters on the left until my technician told me to update them ! I think my new ones look a bit fresher, and I even got creative with the backgrounds faintly displaying 2 nice Ferrari’s. I literally take any chance I can to make anything more interesting in the workshop lol.


I forgot about the Autorig. This thing is brand new and really cool for showing students how a running engine operates in breakaway form. It runs purely off an electric motor with working internals that you can see in action.


Here you can see into the cylinder head and the valves operating.


The breakaway transmission is my favorite though that works when you actually operate the shifter.


Here you can see some of the controls but perhaps the best feature of all…


My poster of course, and someone from level 3 persuaded me to do which I thought might get me into trouble. My lecturer thought it was most ideal seeing nobody is supposed to touch this equipment until it’s setup in the proposed new technology block for level 3 automotive.


I have been going on for so long about needing a clothes rack something for hanging stuff up in the changing room it’s quite unbelievable. What you see here I found in the workshop with one pair of goggles hanging off it. I took a closer look and this thing just came straight off the wall, with the screws and plugs being totally shot. I hooked up an airline and drilled some holes out in the changing room, got some plugs and fitted this rack nice and tight to the wall. Finally no more bags on the floor etc 🙂

That’s all for the work experience updates this week, check back soon for more random updates.


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  1. good work Kenny

    Liked by 1 person

    April 16, 2015 at 11:43 pm

    • Hey Marc thanks, yeah plenty to do as always 😀


      April 18, 2015 at 12:47 pm

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