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Film: Lost River


I have not posted a movie mention in a while, I just have not watched anything that’s blown me away recently besides Interstellar which I’ve watched about 20 times now ! But back on subject a film that impressed me last night was Ryan Gosling and his dive into the directing world with his film known as ‘Lost River’.

The first thing about Lost River is how nicely the film develops the storyline itself without too much dialogue or gossip scenes, instead the movie is very visual and let’s the viewer really capture the essence of the storyline and develop your own perception of the characters.


Another thing is the concentration of the cast, it’s small and concentrated so it feels nice and personal and helps emphasize the sense of desperation they play out in the film. Saoirse Ronan pictured above really suits her role so well and is my favorite character in the film.


One of the most important aspects to the film though is how it’s shot, and this is done so well. The consuming darkness of the night scenes bring great intensity while the daytime shots are very playful and have a nice sense of bliss in the green backdrops like there is a sense of hope. This film got slammed at the Cannes Festival, I really don’t know how you are supposed to please those events, and I think Ryan Gosling has created an amazing film here. If you have seen films like Drive, Blue Valentine, Only God Forgives, The Place Beyond The Pines and so on you might feel a similarity in production style. Overall a very cool film and I look forward to Gosling and future releases. I didn’t want to put the trailer on here as I feel it spoils the film a bit so if you are thinking of watching this try not to tempt the trailer 🙂



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  1. I agree with you it is a very good movie, I see it in Cannes in May, 2014 during the festival of the movie and I liked a lot.
    The trailer is not representative of the movie, there is in this movie a beautiful story with mystery and action and it very successful set.


    April 9, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    • Wow yes of course it’s down your way Cannes ! Very lucky to see the film so early and I’m glad you also like this film. Marc are there any films you have seen recently that you think I should watch especially french films ?


      April 9, 2015 at 11:13 pm

      • I live a few kilometers away from the Palais des festivals and I have an accreditation to go to the festival of the movie then I take advantage of it
        last year I saw 42 movies in 10 days during the festival…


        April 9, 2015 at 11:25 pm

      • all french films, french film are the best ! LOL
        That depend on the kind of movie which you like

        Liked by 1 person

        April 9, 2015 at 11:27 pm

      • I know a couple, Amelie, Lemming, The Serpent, Taxi, I have seen mnore just cannot remember 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        April 10, 2015 at 9:39 am

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Will reserve this for my rental list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    April 10, 2015 at 7:16 pm

    • Hi Graham, thanks for interest in Lost River and I hope you enjoy it 🙂


      April 10, 2015 at 8:13 pm

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