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Online Test 154: Knowledge in removing and replacing light vehicle chassis units and components


I knew I forgetting something this last week or so, reflecting on the latest online exam of course AKA: 154 chassis, components and all them bits 🙂

The truth for this one is I did not revise at all, I’ve been more focused on my English and O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I’ll no longer be a Capulet. etc etc… and just to top it off my bro gives me a lift to college in his brand new car only to end up 15 minutes late for the morning exam…

I expected this to be the hardest one so far, mostly because it packs a lot of different subject into one exam. You got tyres, wheels, suspension, steering components, adjustment and geometry, chassis layouts, chassis streets and movement, materials for components it’s pretty much endless…

One thing that made a change was I did not get the highest exam score in the class only 80%, which I’m sort of glad about because it’s good to see the other students do well. The best score of the class was 93% and goes to Reigan, so well done to him.

We did a sort of mock paper based run the day before and I still got that laying around here. I needed to give the old Canon lide scanner a run to see if it still works so the mock is here to give readers an idea of the kind of questions you get on this one. As you can see I only got 56% on this mock thing, so easy mess up though it’s just those sort of questions that confuse you into making mistakes I guess. All the correct answers have a blotch/dot in black marker in on the left to each answer (if that makes sense). Oh and before you kick off about the pictures that is how they were on the printouts belieevvveee me !!!

Scan-150327-0001 Scan-150327-0002 Scan-150327-0003 Scan-150327-0004 Scan-150327-0006

Time to pull most of the crap down off my bedroom walls about suspension, tyres, brakes etc.. Next is electronics and it’s probably gonna get harder from here with all the wiring diagrams and crazy symbols, we’ll see 🙂 Really should do maths revision but formula ones all weekend lol my latest excuse 😀


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