My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

College & Cake


A rather enjoyable day at the college today, my workshop class mate Ariel got a friend to make this incredible birthday cake for me ! I must say it was truly impressive and quite a surprise. We kept the cake in the fridge over in the student centre and we got it back out at lunch to enjoy in the canteen. Most of it went during lunch, most of the class was there to enjoy a bit and some of the college staff nabbed some 😀


It’s a light Caramel Madeira Cake and the soft top icing was amazing ! Everyone loved it and I saved a little to bring home so my parents could try it also. Ariel is always very thoughtful and generous so thanks to him for making it a fun day for us all !


Over in the workshop things are becoming more “freelance” perhaps since I basically had my portfolio signed off today. This means all my mandatory practical work is done and providing I pass the last 3 online exams I’ve gained my Level 2 qualification. Above was a customer who we did front brakes for the other week, but having inspected his rear pads they were also completely worn out so it was back with new pads.


Quite interesting this vehicle with it first off not using a conventional key but instead a programmed key card that you slot into a data port in the dash then it has a start button quite like an S2000 or some other sports cars. The other thing was the electronic handbrake, which activates as soon as you turn the engine off ! The obvious problem there is with the handbrake coming on the brakes are locked up on the back and the pads are not going anywhere. Luckily 2 minutes on Google lead me to the Renault forums and the following post:


Photos from last week: These are best kept wrapped up until you are 100% they are the right ones.


Gotta go yo !


Under the bonnet I had to remove the reservoir cap to extract some brake fluid from the reservoir, this was to stop it going everywhere when I run back the caliper pistons. Most likely it had been topped up with more fluid when the discs and pads had run down so low. A familiar sight was the F4R engine, a somewhat de-tuned version from the Clio 172+ models.


Something that customers don’t want to hear but important to let them know, a bloody nail. The tyres are fairly worn anyway notice the wear markers within the grooves are almost level with the surface tread. I had my dad’s Zafira in last week also and fitted two new tyres + balancing which went well but I was kinda too busy for doing photos. That’s all for now and I’ll try to post up any new work experience content this week if I can.


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  1. had my brakes done last week. on the way home i stopped to return a part at the hardware store. come back to my truck and hear hissing, i ran over a bolt. luckily a goodyear was across the street

    Liked by 1 person

    March 30, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    • That sucks Mike, did you get it repaired or require a new Tyre ?


      March 31, 2015 at 3:30 pm

      • The tires are from Goodyear which i have a lifetime road hazard warranty. They just plugged it because you know they’ll do anything but give me a new one


        April 1, 2015 at 12:28 am

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