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East Kent College Work Experience: New Equipment


I am pleased to mention the college has began providing the work shop with much needed new equipment. The transition in the automotive industry from mechanical to electrical technology is more evident than ever so it’s really important the college keeps up with things like electronic steering, canbus and diagnostic technologies especially in the emissions sector. Not much in this picture but here we have two new bluepoint trolleys complete with tools which are also locked up for now until they are in a more secure environment. Also we have a brand new beam setter for headlight adjustments. Other things that have come in are autorigs for airbag srs, air con and ignition systems.


The old emissions machine at the front I believe is now fixed finally, but now we have a brand new Texa confort air con station and another emissions machine that runs off WiFi both covered up for now.


I didn’t think this would ever happen either but two new cars for the workshop, well not new but the I10 is only two years old and the Punto three years. Still this is a major improvement over our typical cars that come in typically 10+ years or older and destined for the scrapyard. Due to these cars costing a lot of money they are strictly level 3 only vehicles for diagnostic and technology purposes, the last thing you want is for level 1 students to take apart perfectly sound road going cars in which case these would be in a bad way normally after a few months.

Lastly there is the Snap On Verus handheld diagnostic reader which is not shown here but I got to check it out last week during work experience. I did tell my teacher last year to either update the old Solus reader they had for newer vehicle support or get the Solus Ultra, but it seems they have gone all out and purchased the top model so once again an amazing update. Obviously this is also level 3 kit as well so I might not have any posts on this equipment until next year.


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