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East Kent College Work Experience: Day One


I mentioned about starting a work experience position at the college itself and last week I began over the half term break. The main thing that needs doing right now is clearing out old redundant equipment, Heavy equipment ! Due to potential upstairs expansions I had to clear out this odd looking room you see above. Annoyingly I only took a shot of it at the end of the day with it all finished but never mind lol.

You get to this odd looking place by climbing a ladder and because of it’s impossible access without the ladder the stuff just left up there was endless… Having known there was an overhanging winch system I brought in a spare backpack for loading stuff into and running. I’m so glad I did this because everything was stupidly heavy, old lathe parts, massive drill bits the size of roman candles, massive tap and die sets, college books dating back to the 1930’s when the college was known as “Kent College of Technology”  etc etc..


Here’s some of the vintage stuff that came down during the day, though I must of filled this area with stuff at least 5 times over while the technician sorted things out and threw other bits out to the skip.

A lot of this has not seen the light of day for decades, in those tins stuff I cannot begin to explain, but in some of those cardboard boxes were precision milling blocks. The blocks for their size were really heavy, probably 15kg just for a small packet no more than 20cm x 5cm x 5cm and I did check them out at one point just in case they were bars of pure gold 😀


Of all the bits and bobs I went through that day the last thing I came across was this. At first I freaked out, I mean is this from a saw movie ? What is going on here ! After 10 seconds of looking at it I came to the conclusion that it’s probably part of a bear trap and  presented it to the college teachers… Luckily it was no animal killing device, but just a replacement chain blade for an old wood chop-saw ! I should of figured that out myself but oh well 🙂

More work experience posts will pop up over time so stay tuned 😀



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