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Music: Drake – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late


Been enjoying this album, wait is it an album ? Everyone seems to be arguing about this online. Discogs says it is so that’s enough for me.

First 2 tracks I don’t really like…

But from Track 3 right through to the end it’s ruthless and maintains great flow. It feels far away from the previous albums and those collaborations with artists like Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Birdman etc. feel long gone. Good sense of freelance and tracks closer to home as Drake reflects on his past and where he is going (nothing new then really) but still sounding good as ever.

Productions are some of the best yet, especially tracks like “Jungle” by Noah Shebib which is my probably my favorite of the lot. The album is constructed so well with typical productions twists within tracks that make you keep listening on for example”Wednesday Night Interlude” which is another awesome track.

Really no point with embedding tracks on here, anything that goes on youtube will get pulled or IP blocked. There is an interesting visual piece that emerged with the album release, a kind of short story which must reflect the early days on Drake and life in the snow coated winters of CA.




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