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East Kent College: February Break Post


This year is going so fast compared to last year probably because of all the GCSE workload, and despite getting really good scores on my online automotive exams I feel like not much has been gained in the workshop. I’ve pretty much done all the required tasks for submitting and have the 20k routine service left to do but this is being put on hold until the end of the college year. Did have to fix a puncture on someones tyres the other day and me and Aerial were awarded a box of Belgian chocolate biscuits each hehe 😀 My brother has since eaten most of them though lol.

Luckily the upside from getting ahead in my work is an opportunity to start a work experience placement at the college itself with guidance from the workshop technician. I’ll get a chance to do more work in college and learn a lot more so I accepted the position straight away. The students have a week off now but I’m back in college over half-term helping out with the workshop refit which should be really cool.


Being a “class rep” for the automotive department I was over at the Folkestone East Kent College campus on Tuesday. Why I was there was a little more questionable (free pizza lol ?) but it was to take part in something called ‘Loop Training’. Loop is based in London and they are an enterprise for helping students communicate about their education and generally getting their voice heard across campus. As you can see I found a photo of myself on their twitter page where I just basically have no idea what I’m doing 😀 … Luckily Danye did a lot of the talking…

Overall I think it went well ? My contribution was rather unnecessary at times but as a group we put some good points across, like how infrastructure affects learning output (good and bad) and over to how students develop their learning at college vs. school, and what problems you can face… I think that is what we talked about (sleepyface).

Also we had the opening of the new Student Centre at the Dover campus ! This was so badly needed because there was nowhere to really chill out at college apart from the Canteen or the Library but you gotta be quiet in there 😀

This new student centre has 2 games consoles, some computers, new pool table, table tennis, book club, and one of those noisy spinny football table game thingys. I went to the open day on Wednesday, did a few laps on Forza (of course) then tried the pool table out (won twice in a row wow) then onto the table tennis…

This got a bit out of hand and I ended up playing against some dude called Andy for over an hour ! Worked out a good combo shot where you can hit the ping pong ball off the internal window of the student centre staff office and back onto the table which is great for winding up whoever is in there lol.


It will probably be back to the routine work after the February break though my lecturer did mention about me being entered for some mechanic challenge event. If it happens I will be working with someone from level 3 against other colleges in doing repairs and diagnosing faults, and the best/quickest college wins ! I’m not really prepared for it at all so hopefully I can do some mock runs in the workshop perhaps…

Now I got some time to chill-out ?…


Damn this looks dodgy, guess I really need to finish the stairwell up to my room. I’ve removed a lot of blown render on the wall and put a lot of thermal lining up and I gotta put some drywall up now which is going okay… More maths and English homework as well !


One last thing is the revision wall. This is just a general idea I started back at the beginning of the year and I’m sure a lot of people probably do this ? This is a sort of “before” shot of how it was during the Autumn phase going into Winter with all my engine related exams…


“After” with new stuff up for chassis systems, suspension, brakes and so on for my next exams.


I even put some maths “research” up, surely I will remember this stuff stuck above my monitor ??? “The formula for a straight line is Y= MX + B” Who knows…

Well that is all for the February break folks quite lazy I know 😀


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  1. Thank you for following and opening the door to your world. Eddie

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    February 19, 2015 at 6:08 pm

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