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112: Transmission & Drive line Pt.3


Oww yeah how about that transmission and drive line task… Well it’s taken a bit longer because we have decided to integrate the drive shaft task into it. On this other unit your required to remove shafts, strip them and test run-out then rebuild correctly. Above you can see the magnetic D.T.I stuck to the engine as the range is zeroed off the negative point…



Not many photos today actually sorry about that, kinda got carried away with the filming side of things for this lesson. The workshop is quiet this week with most people typing up job cards in the LRC, so Jamie was pondering the focus headlights and Aerial done a great job of putting one of the drive shafts back together. We also got the run out readings for the flywheel etc… so a good lesson in all 🙂

Our technician Barry also came across a good website referring on how to carry out the flywheel run out in depth and on the friction surface, the area that is most prone to variation due to wear or overheating that can lead to warping etc… I think we will take the clutch back off next lesson to get this done properly and cross reference the readings we have from testing the outer “surface bore” to the inner friction surface.


The snap-on sockets have been getting a lot of use, some of the other students are usually over every 10 minutes or so to borrow them…

Well next time on transmissions it’s going to be re-installation of the gearbox etc. Will it go well ? Probably not 😀


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