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112: Transmission & Driveline Pt.2


So last time on the gearbox job we had left it hooked up still with 2 bolts through the bell housing to the engine block. Carrying on we ran these off shown above and raised the car, presenting us with the gearbox on the transmission jack stand ready to wheel away…


As you can see we had a bit more leakage going on from angling the box a little which was pretty much unavoidable, and luckily not too messy 😀


Behold the mighty Ford KA clutch, at least is seems to be in one piece. From here I put a socket on the crankshaft sprocket retaining bolt while Reagan loosened off all the clutch bolts then took the assembly off, leaving just the flywheel.


This reminds me I really need to do a flywheel run-out test, and i must remember to do this before putting everything back on haha 😀


Curtis took the clutch apart and checked the springs and friction plate for any bad fraying and misc. damage…


After checking the clutch it was re-fitted with the use of an alignment tool to keep everything in-line (we hope) 😀


Reagan uses the new torque wrench for doing up the clutch back up to the flywheel at the specific torque, notice Josh in the background looking after my new snap-on sockets which my friend got me for Christmas. I’ll do a little product review on the sockets some time and give my thoughts on if they are really worth the $150 or whatever compared to cheap sockets you get in your DIY store or eBay…


We moved onto inspecting the clutch release bearing. It seemed visually okay but felt a bit rough on rotation so in the real world this would be replaced. I remember on my EK Civic the bearing was rough on that. It was not a problem but when you sat just idle you could hear a slight whirring sound from the gearbox. I sold my Civic with the issue because I had no money to work on it, and remember seeing the car for sale again about a year down the line where the next owner mentioned the gearbox bearing had collapsed, so I guess he probably drove the car 10k miles until it failed… Which is pretty impressive seeing it held up that long.



On the subject I might as well share a video of my old car. If you listen when the car is stationary then pulls away at the start that is the sound of the clutch release bearing. It’s not a big problem but this can happen if you do not grease the bearing or replace this part when a vehicle requires a new clutch. For the sake of doing a clutch always do this part as well…


Okay back to the erm drive-shaft oh crap… Well basically this drive-shaft was supposed to come out as a whole but back when we removed this it was loose as hell and it just separated like this. My teacher reckons a cir-clip or locking device of sorts is missing which caused this to happen. Luckily we got it out thanks to the devine magic of workshop rebel Reagan (honestly our teacher did not do all the work of loosing this out of the box lol 😛 ).



This is easily the best workshop video I’ve done so far lol.


The next thing which is required on the task sheet is drive shaft run-out. This is a pain in the ass because you have to strip the drive shafts right down in order to rotate them on V-blocks and get a precise reading with a D.T.I gauge. In reality this job is quite an oddity, if you have a drive shaft problem typically you would just buy a new one(s) and be done with it. Also once you take these sort of things apart they never really go back together well sometimes. Well we have to do it so now we are stripping them down and cleaning off all the old grease.


Here’s this piece nice and clean, and will be packed out with grease later…



Here is the rest of the shaft for this side, It’s all filthy and I would rather clean all these bits up good before stripping them down otherwise they will just leave an oily mess wherever you take them in the workshop.


So greasy inside here with the bearings. This is as far as we got this time round but I think we made good progress in this lesson, mostly down to Reagan and his approach of just getting stuck in and dirty with all these messy parts.

Next week these bits should hopefully be looking all cleaned up and ready for run-out testing, then it’s the run-out test for the flywheel and hopefully the box will be going back on (well hopefully it will go back on lol)

Kenny 😀





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