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103: Remove, replace engine alternator, Battery checks


This unit was pretty straight forward, being to remove and refit an alternator and to do various voltage checks on a battery through ignition off/ ign on / cranking / running. Then there is the amps test which is shown above… Sadly the Primera which was a perfectly sound vehicle which ran very nicely is now no longer starting at all ! I’m hoping it’s just the battery or a lack of fuel but either way it’s a shame and it makes it tricky to get accurate readings for the task sheets.


A frame from the video recalls 69.8 Amps which is about right for the car trying to start in ambient 17c indoors.


Onto another car which is the Clio, which has not been running for ages so I decided to remove the alternator on this…


A couple of wires to do from the harness.


Alternator off.


Lastly it was a matter of taking some simple voltage readings from the battery to finish this task sheet off.



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