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Music: Hospitality 2015


Just been listening to this compilation over the last week or so and It’s really good if you have not checked it out already. It was not as refreshing as I expected because I have heard a lot of the tracks already but in all it’s a very packed collection and very ideal to have as an unmixed selection. All my picks from this release are the more chilled out tracks and are as followed:


As you can see I could not be bothered to type them all out… ‘Overseas’ by Command Strange and ‘The Road’ by Colossus are probably my 2 big favorites this week though, really amazing as usual from Command Strange and the Colossus track kinda reminds me of something Tokyo Dawn would come up with but whatever awesome stuff !



Overall a solid release to kick off the DnB scene for 2015. Hospital never fails to amaze me but then again how can they with all the amazing producers having releases on this label. I really should be getting on with this English poetry essay but I’m just enjoying this track too much right now 😀




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