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Transformers (not the new kind)


A friend of mine Alex who is in my automotive class this year is a die hard transformers fan, and despite an age gap of nearly 10 years (he’s 17 and I’m 26) we both appreciate the old transformers. He brought in G1 versions of sound-wave and cosmos and that has just totally kicked things off now.

Basically every Tuesday at college is now “Transformers Day” and we are going to take in a random vintage transformer each week, along with watching the classic animated films at lunch in the canteen on the laptops which has been hilarious so far…

After 2 hours of me digging through storage I found all my old transformers from when I was a kid…


I think there is about 25-30 in here, some are good but others are in a bad state. I remember when I was a kid I grew up in the 90’s so all my transformers being from the 80’s were picked up from boot fairs (back when boot fairs were flippin awesome). Having not looked at these for over a decade it was quite special, all the memories of school come to mind…


A lot of them had small stickers with my named initials on so they belong to me, an old rule from primary school to clear up confusion on who owned what toys at school 😛

One thing that is driving me mad is they are not exactly very clean, so this evening it took me 2 hours just to get these cleaned up. It will take ages to sort the whole collection out but It should be fun, plus I have some that I need to repair as well… It’s not that I broke them when I was a kid but my love for transformers meant whenever I saw one at the boot fairs (regardless of condition) I usually got it anyway. Value is of no concern to me and there is no way I would sell them. I plan to clean them all up and take them into college, then probably store them away again just for peace of mind.


I will end this post with this great remix video on youtube which is pretty funny 🙂





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