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Photoshop: Ray tracing 3D objects in repoussé


While filling a request on a forum I thought seeing I had the screens I might as well share the post on here…

This is a simple how to on ray tracing 3d objects in Photoshop from work to finalization. This is what you should do when you are happy with your 3d object and want to output your design without any jagged or over sharpened edges.


Step 1: As shown above double click on your selected layer.


Step 2: Select ‘3D scene’ then go to ‘quality’ and change this from ‘interactive’ to ‘ray traced final’.


Step 3: This is when the tracing process starts… It does not show up in the screenshots but you will have a few coloured boxes (usually blue) that will do a pixel sweep of the canvas then begin going over the selected 3d layer. Notice the granulated speckle appearence as it’s currently working on the particular shape.

Step 4: This step really comes down your processor clock and GPU power as the ray trace will go over and over that layer until you feel happy. I typically let it do around 11-13 cycles. Just click your mouse to stop the process once you are satisfied…


Non Ray Traced Version: (click on image to see the difference)


Ray Traced Version: (click on image to see the difference)


I hope this helps anyone else if you are new to 3D in Photoshop and want to get rid of those jagged edges.




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