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Online Test 172: Knowledge of light vehicle fuel, ignition, air and exhaust systems, units and components


Might as well reflect on my second exam from the other week. I must say the majority of my exam was about injectors and spark ignition so those are definitely the things to focus on but everyone gets random questions so here is a broad range of the areas I think are key to learn:

Single and multi-point injection

air flow sensors


Fuel Pressure

Fuel Components

Lambda and 02 sensors

EGR Valves

Difference in Diesel/Petrol combustion chambers

Injector types (direct/indirect)

Exhaust system components (layout / diagrams / heatshields)

Emission Gasses (what goes in and what goes out / purpose of Cat)

Ignition systems (Dizzy caps / Coil packs / spark voltages in KV)


These are the areas I remember coming up in my exam so if you focus on this list it might help you get a few marks. Try not to revise too deeply into all of them otherwise you will just get bogged down with too much in your head, just baseline knowledge should be fine. Good luck.



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