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104: Remove, replace suspension strut / Steering track rods


The latest is I’ve done online test 172 and it was easy, revising modern injection and types of modern ignition systems seemed to pay off. This time it’s a distinction grade of 90% which kind of made sense having finished the exam in 10 minutes. Next exam is on chassis units and I know it’s bound to get harder from here on…

Also a few of the cars that were lurking outside have been scrapped so I hope we get some more new cars coming in soon ! The workshop has a few new tools such as torque wrenches and ratchet spanners. The PC in the office kind of area is finally operational with internetz and a printer for printingzz !

So 104 is the unit I am currently on and all the measurements can be a mass of confusion at first (they were for me) especially with all the degress and minutes and readings like 0°45’N – 0°45’P going on lol.

Getting to the point I stumbled across an excellent page for understanding pretty much everything you need to know in this area:



Thanks to Rob Robinette for creating this wealth of information and sharing it online. I wish I found this page before I started on steering and suspension but never mind. This site will work well for all of unit 104 with the need to do your toe in / toe out and camber work. You might also get set work on caster and king ping inclination if you college has the equipment. A word of advice is do this work on the most sound vehicle you got in the workshop, a dodgy car that has been apart too many times by god knows who is bound to give you insane results and a headache as you try to work out what’s wrong. I did KPI on the gold Clio in the workshop and the results was thrown off massively thanks to a loose gearbox mount !


In other news it’s the suspension strut removal job which is pretty easy if you have done it all before. The focus was very straight forward so I had time to do some filming of the spring compressor equipment. This was interesting because you see the coil jolt into place where I mention it possibly being out of line yet everyone else carries on lol ! Don’t forget goggles and the locking chain working with suspension is flipping dangerous.



Got a lot going on right now had an English essay exam last week now I got another one next week ! F****** crazy but somehow my results have been okay but now I’m expected to read the whole Mice and Men book ! Also it seems we finally have a permanent maths teacher although now I got maths homework to do… dammit !


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