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Music: Eli & Fur / John Sharpe / Tom Misch


Eli & Fur just wont disappear from my media player this past month. The previous releases like “Feel The Fire” coupled with the Journeyman remix are just too good, and then you got “Far Away” which they co-produced with Manik which is also a recent release and really amazing. Last year was also big with “You’re So High” which I still like to play now and again but now another new track called “Turn The Lights Down” is a quality vocal track which I think is their best work yet. Check out the new song below:

Another discovery has to be this mix tribute by Andrew Slattery. Came across this by chance when I was trying to work out what the meaning was behind a track from the recent Vincenzo Vanishing Years album. There is a song called “Walk Home John Boy” and I eventually found out it’s a dedication to a DJ known as John Sharpe or “Sharpy” who passed away a year ago. This mix is pretty nice and can be downloaded straight from soundcloud.

Something more on the personal listening scale would be the recent “Out To Sea EP” Tom Misch & Carmody which is very relaxed with nice vocals and coupled with that lovely acoustic sound. One of the tracks titled “So Close” really stands out and it’s just stuck been stuck in my head since hearing it !

You got to understand it’s Christmas and I’m doing everything to avoid all the cheesy music but luckily there are plenty of nice releases about to keep me happy. I’m glad to see YOHOO just sitting at the top the beatport chart for over a week now, such a damn good track by Dusky which I keep coming back to play when I get home in the evening. Well that is all music-wise for now.


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