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East Kent College: Christmas Break Post


Got a few things to talk about today. I’ll start off with a bit of work outside the workshop recently with my friends van needing it’s 120k service and new front brakes. Luckily I “borrowed” someones driveway and pretty much every tool going otherwise it would of been pretty difficult.


Taking the under-tray off was the worst experience and I was welcomed by a puddle of really dirty water when it came off…in the face and down my back !


The oil was an easy job, although the under-tray was hanging on by cables ties with all the original mounts damaged or missing so I decided it was better to bin off completely.


Here you can see the new oil filter which was much needed, and what remains of the under-tray. My friend forgot to do any photos of the new brakes going on. I would of made a job card up for this work to submit with my college work but seeing I have a new teacher every month there is not much point in constantly handing in work…

Meanwhile in the college we had a session on exhaust systems which was a dirty on really. The exhaust system had never been on the Focus before and it was pretty hard to split the mid to rear section but it eventually went in the end. To our discovery it was a complete mess internally with all the silencer weave leaking through the pipework. Alex did a great job of managing to create an exhaust clamp, which made me think maybe the workshop should really have an anvil so we can do more work like this and more effectively (instead of bending steel on the edge of a vice).

I guess Christmas would not be complete without some snow. So I went snowboarding for the first time last week over night in Landgraaf (Holland) to this place called “Snow World” and wow what a place ! Really enjoyable apart from the fact I really underestimated how much it hurts. I came off a lot of times and one of the worst being my grind box attempt which resulted in breaking my left hand. I feel like I have some serious unfinished business with snowboarding though, really easy to pick up thanks to being used to skateboarding in both stances. My friend has lots of footage of me on his Drift cam so I’ll throw that up if he gets around to sorting all the footage out (there are some real bad crashes).

I might as well mention how boring technology lessons have become now that we are no longer talking about engines. So last week it was about job roles in the automotive industry, fair enough it’s important to know but there is nothing interesting about the lessons at all. I think it was mostly because OFSTED was in so we had to do really boring group work and draw charts. I think the college should do something more immersive like take the classes out to actual dealerships in the area pre-arranged. I’m sure some companies would not mind us snooping around and asking annoying questions about their jobs lol. Well here is the assignment for Job Roles in the Automotive Environment (Unit Ref:003).

Job Roles in the Automotive Environment


Not really much else to report other than I really need the next two weeks off to let my hand get better, and I need to spend some time on FL studio and get some tracks finished.





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