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Online Test 152: Knowledge of light vehicle engine mechanical, lubrication and cooling system units


Finally we have had our first of the many online exams we have to sit the year. This should of been taken back in November, because the second exam is supposed to be in December and now a month behind (well I’m not) but anyway…

So the exam was not what I was expecting, thinking it was 15 questions but in fact it’s 30 ! Everything else though like the fact you do it on a computer, it’s all multiple choice, each student gets totally random questions etc I was aware of. Took ages to actually do the test because of the weird way it works, basically the exam is setup on workstations then some City & Guilds adjudicator remotely unlocks the exams then we can start. Thing is the tests took about 45 minutes to unlock so I was thinking more about the toilet than the test (luckily the exam person let me go).

I think I must have got lucky with this test, I got a bunch of simple questions on rotary engines and air conditioning which was nice so I knew my score could not be terrible. I did not revise and I did not bother to check my answers so 20 minutes later I was done. I got my result later in the day which was 78% being a merit, but only a mark off a distinction along with being the best result in the class. I won’t mention what other people got because this blog is about myself only so all I will say is some passed and some didn’t.

I think the following tests will be harder, online test 172 will take place in January so I’ll report on that when it comes round.


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