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Gaming: Dreamfall Chapters


It’s been a long time since I’ve played any games on my PC (apart from driving sims)…. so if anything was going to temp me it would have to be a dreamfall title. It’s been a long time since “the longest journey” which must be one of the best PC games I’ve ever played, incredibly immersive and if you have not played that then I suggest you do that before going onto this one.

So my first impression of Dreamfall Chapters was not a good one, I thought my PC was not up to the job of running it because I was getting terrible frame rates ! I have such vintage specs now:

Core 2 Duo E6320 (stock 1.86GHZ)

Asus P5w DH Deluxe

Corsair PC5300 4GB

ATI Radeon HD4850 512mb (Akasa Vortex Cooler)

Luckily though A patch update (1.1.2) came out on the 1st of December and with the game set on medium visual settings it’s running pretty good now for my old setup. I was on the brink of looking for a Radeon 290X to throw in but realistically I cannot afford to buy such things right now. I tried running the game on max settings but it just stutters too much with noticeable HDD load, so I think the next thing I will be getting is 8GB of ram and a really powerful graphics card. Have to give credit for the core 2 platform being able to last so long, I have not changed motherboard or CPU since 2007 ! Also the 4850 I got in 2008 lol and still running games (just about).

Zoe and Chinatown

So Dreamfall has been a bit unfriendly in performance terms but when it’s all updated it’s well worth it. You spend a lot of time in Europolis, a bit like Casablance in the last game with all the free-roam although in that you are out in the suburbs. The inner city is beautiful and is very closely based around the artwork for the game.


So many games now are strongly based around multilayer DLC nonsense and online bragging rights but luckily Dreamfall has not slipped into this trap, and it retains the classic concept of simply you and the games story. The only online interaction I have seen so far is the percentage meter, which just gives you split percentage figures based on what other choices players have made throughout the game, which I think is a nice touch.


The dialogue is quite heavy at first, but it’s pretty much a throwback to the last game in case you never played Dreamfall and don’t know the story. A lot of people online say this game is very short which I have yet to find out, but the game is very enticing and I’m sure there are still more amazing things to come from the following Dreamfall Chapters.

If I was to rate this game I will say 8/10 because of poor performance of the game without the patch updates. A game like this should really run well from version 1.0. The other thing is it’s not the twisting adventure as much as what The Longest Journey was, but time will tell. Overall this game really appeals to me probably because I grew up in the Playstation 1 era, when games were deeply emotive and you had no distraction from online connectivity. Dreamfall is also coming to the PS4 console soon and a lot of people are just slagging the title off because the graphics are not good enough ? I think it’s great that Dreamfall can be enjoyed by console users but sometimes I wonder if games like this will fade away, because this is a game you play for yourself and not as some social activity which I would say 99% of console games are today.


I found a little bug (1.1.2 patch) up in Europolis which I might as well share. Basically if you walk off this ledge while turning into the wall you can no-clip your your way around Europolis and save time jogging down alleys and around buildings.


You need to find this ledge along from Nela’s food stall near the Doctors place.


Walk off the ledge and into the wall.


From there you can end up in some really odd places, like on-top of the market….


Or the other side of the river perhaps ?




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