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102: Ignition Coil & Spark Plug Systems

This is a bit different from the usual images and words by me. Basically the college had no cameras to rent out so I had to settle with a flip video camera, which I must point out only takes videos and not photos ! I needed something for evidence so here are all the random video clips I ended up with from doing this unit the other day.

The focus with it’s direct plug and ignition coil module access from the top is an excellent platform for getting this job done quickly. In all I removed all the plugs and checked their gaps with them varying from 1.2-1.45mm and these were reset by hand using a gapping tool. Also the ignition coil was taken out for visual inspection. Lastly the HT leads were reseated properly because they had been fitted in a messy fashion and were not sitting snug in the valve cover recess.

This is a very quick unit but really depends on what engine you have to work with. I had to work on the Focus again today doing the exhaust and I’ll get some footage of that up when I can. Tomorrow is the 152 online exam and I will report back on how good/bad that went as well !


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