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101: Routine Maintenance


LV101 is a pretty wide open unit based around general vehicle servicing, so this job seems most at home being put under the 101 unit. Simple exhaust removal on the Ford KA which was not my first car of choice because it’s too simple but I was not allowed to work on anything else that day.


This was in the way.


Get this off


Take that off also and check.


This was already loose.


The whole system in order for evidence of removal.


The tailpipe end hanger rubber mount was missing and replaced with one from a different car, which was not doing its job of hanging the exhaust up at all.


Teacher told us to try and repair this by any means so here you go. We tightened this up pretty good so whoever has to take this off next is probably going to get really annoyed with it. There will probably be more random LV101 bits popping up on here as I do them. My friends van requires a good service before we head over to the Netherlands snowboarding next month, so I’ll ask the college if I can use the 4 post lift for changing the oil and other bits.


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