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LV101: Cylinder Head


With the 104 brake unit cleared we have now moved onto unit 101 which is dubbed “cylinder head”. Now 99% of this unit was working on a static engine of choice, so it made total sense to grab the old X18XE engine I had torn to pieces last year. I had tons of information and write up work on this engine that was never even submitted with my level 1 portfolio last year, mostly because it was too in depth and never would not of been appreciated by the exam people who do all the marking. This year though on level 2 I can finally make use of all this “extra” work because the more job cards you have per unit the better really.


Cylinder head wise we looked at head gaskets, valves, cam lobes and all the usual things really. Finally things moved forward to doing more interesting stuff like the coolant pressure test. Carried out on the Primera it had no leaks whatsoever and held excellent pressure, other students were not so lucky for example on the Ford Focus, which had something stupid like three leaks from the thermostat and radiator lol.


I had to work on this Quad bike as well, not sure who it belongs to a student from level 3 I think. Basically the spark plug thread was ruined so it needed a coil insert. It was very straight forward thanks to the nice heli-coil kit I borrowed from motorcycle lecturer Dennis Markham over in the motorcycle workshop.




Drilling Stage,


Threading out with lots of grease to catch all the metal debris.

IMG_1037 IMG_1042 IMG_1043

Coil inserted and cleanup:

IMG_1045 IMG_1048

I think I did a pretty clean job with that, and the insert should be a vast improvement over the cross threaded mess that was there before.

Not much else exciting to report from this unit, I have some online exam in November so I will report on what that was like an how it goes. Other subjects like my GCSE maths and english have been very boring ! I had my first english exam last week which I think I did okay on. Well that is all for now folks.






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