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Music: Huxley – Blurred

Been a big fan of Huxley for a while now, tracks like “Take No More” and “Premier” which was one of the best house releases of 2013. Anticipation for the album has been high due to the unique production qualities of Huxley, which breaks away from the traditional deep house and pushes a strong urban stance.

This starts to break the album up into something much different, and it’s easy to forget you are still listening to the album because you just get consumed into these amazing beats and breaks…oh even the bit of DnB. One of my favorite tracks is “Give 2 U” featured above but I do like a lot of the other tracks just as much, trouble is they are not online to link up on here right now. Something nostalgic going on as  well like “barne dance” for example, which just takes me back to the garage days and all the obsessions with bass in general. Overall an amazing album to suite a variation of moods from the clubs that play good music to the chilled out bedroom sessions.



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