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104: Brakes


With the first month of college done I thought It might be time to review some of the practical work that has been going. As you might of guessed it’s back to brakes again. This was a very quick unit almost just like last year but with the requirement of having to correctly bleed brakes, renew handbrake cables and strip down drum brakes. Everything is assessed a lot more this year, say for example if you are doing work on a handbrake…. When you are finished you better be sure the notch count does not go over the manufactures specified count…..Okay and what if it does ?…. …..Well did you even check the notch count before starting the job ? See what I mean lol. Anyway here are some shots from the workshop


The dreaded KA is one of the cars I tend to stay away from but I cannot escape the drum brakes task !


Ariel takes some measurements on the drums inner friction surface…..


And translates it onto the metal rule to compare with the wear limits on Autodata.


Ford KA rear brakes going back together.


Investigating ABS systems we took a look into how the mondeo worked with it’s ABS sensor / reluctor ring setup. When we got the driveshaft out it appeared the ring was missing ! Normally it would be on the corroded surface that you can see here being brushed down.


Brake bleeding was made easier using this handy Sealey bottle.


The technician got some really useful magnetic torches which as you can see work great in dark situations. They charge up straight off the mains as well so no faffing about. This was one side of the handbrake cable in the process of being refitted.

So there, not much new on brakes besides the routine work of taking off and putting on. We went into using DTI gauges again and checked out disc run-out also etc… I’ve literally just finished the cylinder head unit (LV101) so I will talk about that in the next post.


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