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An outline of Level 2


A couple of weeks into college now and it’s probably safe to say the course is kind of settling in now. It’s been a sluggish start to the year with the college changing from Kcollege to EKC it seemed like nothing was up and running properly to begin with, and by this I mean everything IT related ! Could not login on the computers, various software packages and licences are gone, even the Direct X 9.0 is not up to date on the workstations for some reason when it used to be last year lol…. One of the most annoying things is all the Adobe master suite is gone, and I love using photoshop and premiere for image and video work so I might try and make a request for it (probably cost a bomb though). Still cannot use the printers properly unless you save you work on a flash drive then plug that directly into the new printers we have and do it that way. Luckily I’m one of the few who actually have a printer at home.

Moving on from my endless pit of IT rants comes the level 2 course. I was expecting to be doing an IMI course but it appears to be City & Guilds again. I don’t really mind too much but that I have finally got the scheme of work it seems a lot of the practical tasks I’ve already carried out in my spare time from last year. Here is a brief list of the jobs to do this year:

Cylinder head
Coolant thermistor
Ignition coil/spark plug
Lamp cluster/bulbs
Steering track rods
Suspension strut
Brakes replacement
Drive/prop shaft (Optional)
Gearbox/ clutch (Optional)
Hand skills/tool making

Within these titles we have to do a couple of specific jobs to complete each unit. It’s only been a week or so in and I’ve already done all the brake unit with more than enough job cards required. One thing that surprised me is the two optional units. To be honest I don’t think anyone should have a level 2 certificate without doing the gearbox or drive related work !

We also have online tests this years, one for every unit pretty much so they might be a bit of a challenge. I decided to rent out a Hilliers sixth edition work book from the library on day one which was a good call because everyone is pretty much required to have one when attending technology lessons. We now have two teachers this year, one of which we had for the first time today and he has been in the industry for a long time. His teaching in technology was pretty awesome and engaging with all the students in class which created good arguments and discussion.


Practical wise I’m mostly hanging out with the three dudes in the photo at the top of this post. We all work well together so the work is getting done in good time with good results. There are 14 people in the class this year with about half of them from last year and the others are new faces who have done level 1 elsewhere.

English and Maths GCSE work is really annoying, why they could of made me do it last year instead of all the level 2 functional skills I don’t know. The classes are not too bad though and I already have my first English assessment in 2 weeks so the sooner I get through it all the sooner it will be done and out the way.

One last thing is I came back this year and I’ve been elected as foreman of the damn workshop lol. I can now see me getting drafted over to other people and have to assist them if they are stuck with something. I don’t mind helping but I’m even responsible if students don’t put tools away for example, to be honest If people start leaving the workshop without putting stuff back should they even be on the course ? It has not happened yet but it was a common issue last year but hopefully it will be better this year.



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