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Music: Anjunadeep 06

Not been long since the release of 05 and now 06 has just dropped. I think the popularity of the deep label has boomed this year, as more people have come across the deeper side house music through more general releases through say beatport/7digital/ituned/juno and other big stores…

I thought this compilation might be a bit weak with it coming out sooner than the usual annual interval but as usual the sound is amazing. It seems the producers have been busy and the results are amazing. Great to see John Monkman on this release with Open Frontier, a vocal masterpiece thanks to Liz Cass this track is really good ! Croquet Club has done a lot of new tracks so he is in there as well which is nice. One of the best returns in my opinion is Martin Roth with a track called ‘Maya’ which is a simple masterpiece.

The compilation is really strong all the way through, just one of those releases which I never need to skip a track, the whole lot is excellent and just what I want to hear.



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