My updates @ College and whatever in-between.

College Enrolment


Had college enrolment which seemed to take a lot longer than last year, just a lot of sitting around and waiting for ID cards mainly. Also had to attend an induction day last week which was supposed to be all day Wednesday and Thursday but got a call sometime Tuesday to say I needed to go in Thursday and Friday. As usual I go in Thursday and they ask why I did not attend on Wednesday !? The induction was a real waste of my time, having to fill out a booklet regarding the college layout and naming members of staff. Only thing good about induction was that I finally got my timetable.

One of the big surprises this year is it appears I completely wasted my time studying functional skills English and maths at level 2. What was supposed to be a GCSE equivalent and that I passed is now no longer recognized by the college and I have no choice but to do GCSE daytime English and Maths ! Just when I thought all the crap was out the way it’s dumped back on me again and I’m required to be in 3 days a week, meaning I’m gonna loose out on work a lot.  Also did a day working as a student ambassador, was pretty rewarding talking a lot of people around Dover. In the end it seems EKC have not paid me so I’m also trying to find out what the problem is there.

I guess lastly is what about all the student union stuff ? By the looks of it a lot of courses have been scrapped, so students who were expecting to come back are now going elsewhere. I managed to pull down and keep safe all the old poll results for the elections in spring, but I think I’m the only person left ! My guess to it all is the SU of last year will probably have to start all over again. All I can do is present the old poll results to the college and explain the situation.

College starts tomorrow and I think it’s going to be pretty boring for the first few weeks. Hopefully I’ll have some decent practical tasks to throw up soon ! Went fishing over at Iden Wood yesterday which was alright though !


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