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Abandoned: Keimola Motor Stadium


I’ve always has a fascination of places that seem to get abandoned for whatever reason. There are so many places I’ve seen online but one of my favorites has to be this old race circuit which I first learned about after download the track for GT Legends/GTR2. When I loaded this track up to test drive, the image used for the lod screen was of a control tower consumed in massive flames. As soon as I saw this I just had to look further into it.

Some nice track action here in the rain.


GP2 Lotus is prepared for running at Keimola.


Located in Finland, Keimola was a short lived venture opening in 1966 founded by race driver Curt Lincoln. The 2.1 mile circuit had good potential with visits from legends like Graham Hill, Jim Clark and other formula 1 drivers who also competed in the formula 2 races. Sadly due to poor finances Keimola only lasted just over a decade, closing in 1976.


In it’s prime era, here you can see the pit exit and the tower in the background.

This video above shows the Keimola rock festival of 1972 which was dubbed the “mud festival” after the rally cross ended up turning into a lake due to so much rainfall ! It all looks pretty crazy to me.



The fire of 2004. Loads of tyres burn next to the control tower which also ended up on fire, and loosing it’s outer framework. It used to be possible to go inside the tower but now it has been sealed completely due to the fire damage.

You can still make out the track on satellite imaging. That concludes my little insight into Keimola. For more amazing photos of the track in it’s prime check the links below:


You can download the circuit here:


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