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GT: Random Shot GLT and estate favorites


Something amazing about these, but what is it ? the engine ? the styling….. How can something that typically looks really clumsy seem so at home on the track ? I’m a big fan of estate cars though, the 240GLT I think will become more iconic as a drift project in future years. As fabrication becomes more accessible I would like to think you will see more of these running at track days with who knows what under the bonnet….

Let’s look at some other fancy cars with some space 😀


How about the SYMS Impreza from 1998. Not a very successful car in the JTCC in terms of competition but who cares it looks amazing ! It put out 300hp from a low mounted non turbo 2.0 flat four.


What about this thing ? It stood out like a tank in the BTCC and probably was a nightmare to overtake ! Once again not very much success but still it’s a car that most will remember from the late 90’s.


Something overlooked would be the Aerodeck VTI. I would happily own one of these in the future… the perfect blend of performance, economy and practicality. The B18C4 series engine is geared more to general driving, but with the possibility of aftermarket parts, Type R components and not to forget excellent capabilities from turbocharging.


One last one to throw in the mix has to be the Evolution wagon. Only a limited run of these were made. They are a popular choice for pace/medic cars at the race tracks in Japan. A couple of other fast examples would be perhaps be the C63 AMG, M5 Touring and the Audi  S4 estate.


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