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Music: Eminem Wembley 2014


Someone I know gave me a ticket for free to go and see this event so I had to go with them ! I completely lost my friends but it was an amazing event. I read rumors of Dre being there yet it was amazing when he came on stage, easily the highlight of the night. I did not bother with filming anything and on the subject of filming I think something needs to be done about these ipads ! People holding them up for ages in the crowd just blocking the view and filming some 240p video, with pixelated digital zoom and distortion to throw on youtube it’s pretty annoying. Luckily people who were doing this appeared to get beer thrown at them by the more serious fans who just want to see the damn stage ! I took a step back from the packed crowds and made too many visits to the mojito bar !



I must mention some pub recommended by a friend called “The Worlds End” in Camden. It’s focused around rock music but is a great place to drink and hang out, along with being a fair size so there is always places to sit during the day. I’ve seen a lot of critics slamming the event and saying it was poor in areas such and sound quality, and the presentation of the event being somewhat of a rip-off but honestly I thought it was great. Being a Rap/Hip-Hop event I never expect some sort of sound perfection, it’s the sort of event where you want to hear the songs live and sounding a bit different from the original studio releases so forget the bad reviews and thank Eminem for stopping by in London.




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